Young girl tween taking test. 10 ways fidget spinner rings can help in the clasroom

10 Ways Fidget Spinner Rings Can Help in the Classroom

We all know fidget spinners are adorably cute—but could there be more to this wearable product than just being a cute piece of jewelry? Fidgeting itself may actually provide an outlet for creativity or focus for some students.

Here are 10 ways that fidget rings can help in the classroom:

  1. Helping students focus on the task at hand
  2. Reducing fidgeting and restlessness
  3. Improving attention and concentration
  4. Reducing feelings of anxiety and stress
  5. Helping students with ADHD and other attention disorders
  6. Improving fine motor skills
  7. Encouraging students to be more active learners
  8. Enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills
  9. Helping students to take control of their impulses
  10. Providing a subtle and discreet way for students to express their need for movement.

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