Our Earrings

Hi! I’m Erin, owner and founder of Desert Peach!

As a military spouse, I have spent most of the last decade supporting my husband and the mission, moving our little family around the country (and even overseas) every couple years, and managing the home front during countless work trips, trainings, and deployments. WhiIe I loved the adventures and the deep friendships that the military has brought us, I always had this feeling that I was meant to do something more.

Once we settled our family in the heart of the Midwest, I decided it was my turn. It started with some crazy ideas, a lot of late night googling, and a decision to just go for it.

We settled on the name “Desert Peach”, inspired by our three kids, their resiliency, and love of adventure. While we were stationed in Arizona, we welcomed our first son. One overseas assignment and a move to the heart of southern Georgia later, we welcomed our daughter, who has earned the nickname, "Our sweet Georgia peach".  We eventually ended up back in Arizona, welcoming our third child, so we always say we have "two desert boys, and one sweet peach." 

While our brand continues to grow and evolve, one thing stays the same, we want to continue to bring you the highest quality, affordable pieces that can fit effortlessly into your every day life. 

Thank you for your continued support of a military spouse and veteran owned business! 

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