Will Desert Peach jewelry turn my skin green?

The short answer, no! 

The reason that some jewelry turns skin green is the oxidation aka chemical reaction between your skin and the metals used. The most common culprits are alloy, copper, and nickel. While not harmful, no one wants a green ring around their finger! Our jewelry is either stainless steel or sterling silver based to avoid the dreaded green ring!

For more info on the types of metals we use, please click here.

To keep your jewelry in perfect shape, here is what we recommend!

  • Keep your skin dry. Don’t wear jewelry when swimming or bathing. Remove rings to wash hands and dry skin thoroughly before putting rings back on.
  • Don’t wear lotion on ring finger(s).
  • Don’t wear jewelry during workouts or other activities that will result in heavy sweating.
  • Remove jewelry when using household cleansers containing bleach or wear waterproof gloves.