Step-by-Step DIY Bracelet instructions

Hi! So glad you popped by! Are you ready to create the cutest little bunny bracelets? Let's get started! 

But first, here are some extra items that may come in handy:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Plate or bowl to hold your beads
  • Super glue *not necessary, but will increase the durability of your bracelet! (Please have a grown up complete this step!)
  • Beading needle *not necessary, but can be purchased at your local craft store or supercenter if you have trouble stringing the beads by hand.

Now, before you start, grab a bowl or plate and place your beads inside so they won't roll away! Ready? Let's go! 

Step 1:

Wrap the elastic around your wrist loosely. Add a couple inches to each side. You'll want some extra length when you tie it at the end!

Step 2:

Cut elastic to desired length. You can tie a knot at the end, but we like to tape one end of the elastic down to a hard, flat surface. We think it makes stringing the beads much easier!

DIY Easter bead kit

Step 3:

Start stringing! Get creative or follow the patterns in the photos. You should have enough beads for 3 child-sized bracelets! 

DIY Bracelets Completed

Step 4:

This part can get tricky, so ask a grown up for help. Holding both ends, tie a double knot to secure both ends of your bracelet. You can stop here, or add a dot of super glue to the knot to keep it from slipping. 

DIY Bracelet Instructions

Step 5:

If you chose to glue the ends, allow it to dry for several minutes, then snip the excess elastic off. 

DIY Bracelets Instructions

Step 6: 

Woohoo! You just made your first bracelet and we want to see it! Tag us @desertpeachofficial on IG to show off your latest creations!